• Norma 200

    Norma 200

    Our fastest-burning propellant is suitable for smaller cartridges, such as the 222 Remington. It can also be used to shoot lightweight, low velocity bullets in medium calibres such as the 308 Win.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932005




  • Norma 201

    Norma 201

    This is very suitable for calibres with small case volume in relation to the bore size, such as 9,3x57 and 45-70. It’s also the right choice for shooting lightweight bullets in medium-sized cases such as the 30-06.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932015




  • Norma 202

    Norma 202

    Specially developed to provide maximum performance in the 308 Winchester, 202 is a very useful powder for cases with medium capacity compared to calibre, such as the 8x57, 9,3x62 and 9,3x74R.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932025




  • Norma 203B

    Norma 203B

    Specifications for 203B differ slightly from the previous 203 powder. It is flexible, and is useful from 22-250 to 358 Norma Mag. It is very suitable for 6 mm Norma BR and 308 Winchester loaded with heavier bullets.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932035




  • Norma URP

    Norma URP

    A high-energy, mid-range propellant, URP is an excellent choice for medium-sized cartridges such as 7x64 and 30-06.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932195




  • Norma 204

    Norma 204

    A slow-burning propellant, 204 provides good performance and quite good accuracy in calibres such as 6,5x55 and 30-06.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932045




  • Norma MRP

    Norma MRP

    A very flexible magnum powder, MRP is suitable for calibres with relatively large case volume in relation to the calibre. It has been well-known for many years as a high performance powder in all magnum calibres.

    500 g/canister.
    Product #20932155




  • Norma 217

    Norma 217

    This powder is slightly slower than the discontinued MRP2. It was developed for the 30-378 Weatherby from start. Matches the 338 Norma Mag and 338 Lapua Mag perfect with heavy bullets. It is also a good candidate for almost every overbore cartridge like 7 Rem Mag, STW, Ultra Mags etc. Like the URP it contains a lot of energy and is less sensitive to temperature and moisture than most other powders.

    500 g/canister
    Product #20932175

  • Norma 1211

    Norma 1211

    Match Powder - data for this powder is found on the canister.

    500 g/can - Prod. # 10932115

  • Norma 1214

    Norma 1214

    Match Powder - data for this powder is found on the canister.

    500 g/can - Prod. # 10932145