New trophy bull in northern Sweden


Had a successful moose hunt with Norma again - the 308 Win, Nosler Partition 180 gr. 

Was sitting at a stand called  Joenmukka Männikkö, Pajala in northern Sweden. 

Quite a few moose have been taken there, and so did I today. There comes a cow with two calves and one big trophy bull. 

They approach along a creek called Tiiankijoki. I first see them at  250 yards, wait till they reach 150 yards, but then the bull start getting worried.

I sat still at first, but then quickly picked up my rifle, lying next to me. I place a shot, low in the shoulder from the right side, which makes it turn around, Then I place the next shot in the neck from the left side and he goes down. 

I will have it judged after December 16, but sofar I have 53 kg steaks, from a carcass weight of 318 kg and total weight 489 kg. 

To my assistance, I had Norma Nosler Partition 180 gr in 308 Win/Blaser R93/Aimpoint Micro H1.

Patrik Ivarsson