Young shooter visiting


Yesterday we had a visit from Anton Andreasson, 10 years old and already more skilled than many of us at the range. End of September, he won his class in the Norma Cup Finals, by hitting all the targets with full score, and won a rifle scope this way. 

Anton, who already has tried 222 Rem, 6,5x55 and 308 Win, besides 22LR and air rifle, stepped through the Norma entry, eyes filled with expectation. Equipped with our visitor's vest, ear plugs and protective glasses, we started our walk through the factory. We looked at how the brass cases are shaped in several steps, and with many controls, and we looked into the tooling department, where we make our own tools for the machinery. In the bullet department we compared bonded and non-bonded bullets, and in the loading department we checked out the machines loading one, three or ten cartridges in one go, and the machine that automatically packs in 50-boxes. 

Down in the ballistics department it's starting to get more exciting and first we stop by the room/range where they do the pressure testing. After that we watched the accuracy testing in the next room, with the 100 m range and saw how the groups are displayed on a computer screen.

But I think it's safe to say, the the peak of the guided tour was the rifle collection - right Anton? I think, this is where you would have liked to stay just a little longer, if you could have...? But I'm sure you'll be back to visit us again. And if not, we'll probably hear of you in competitions ahead. We hope you get the chance of more hunting days this year, even though the fall break is over, and we wish you all the best for when your competitions pick up again next spring. 

Best regards from Team Norma!