Colorado Buck visits Norma

Where in the world is Colorado Buck? 

43 years of hunting experience and 22 years internationally. Hunts for 300 different species, in 70 countries during six times around the world. This is a solid base of experience. "Where in the world is Colorado Buck?" His US TV-show takes him everywhere and anywhere - this time to Sweden and to a moose hunt in Jämtland, with a stop at the Norma factory on the way north. 

Even though he have all this experience, he´s still chasing a dream. 

 "For me the it is actually the next hunt, which is the adventure and the dream. I get to do and experience things that are only a dream for a lot of people - I know that from when I grew up and I never could imagine that I would be part of all this today. What keeps me inspired is the wish for a new experience, something that I haven't seen before. To me that’s the adventure."

The visit at the Norma factory is an experience he has been looking forward to.“I heard rumors that the floor is so clean you can eat from it and that they do quality controls on the quality controls yet I´m still really impressed. It has been a wonderful experience to meet the factory and the very competent people behind the ammunition. “ 


“Everybody has been incredibly kind and I can tell there is a lot of pride in every manufacturing process. The business has a family oriented feeling and it is clear that the products are of top notch quality. “

The TV-show with the visit at the factory and the hunt in the northern Sweden will be launched sometime during January 2017. 

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