We use cookies

Norma-Ammunition.com uses cookies for login, measuring traffic and to find out how the website is used. Currently the website does not store any personal data except for forms, which the visitors fill in.

Third-party cookies 
Sometimes we also use third party cookies, cookies from companies other than norma.cc. For example, if the user is watching a Youtube clip on norma.cc, then YouTube cookies store information about what the user just watched.

This is a cookie
A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer. The cookie contains information from the browser that you use, but it contains no other personal data or identification data. All collected statistics are used in collected form for the above purposes.

Cookie Act
Cookie use is regularized by the Electronic Communications Act. According to this act, all visitors should be informed about cookie use and shall be given the opportunity to prevent cookies from being stored on the computer. By having the browser set to allow the use of cookies, users are considered to have consented to this.

Incognito mode
Your browser might support a so called “incognito mode”. When using this mode, your cookies will be deleted every time you close the browser.

Cookies at norma-ammunition.com

Following services at norma-ammunition.com use cookies:

Google Analytics – To trace and analyze visiting traffic at norma-ammunition.com. The information is analyzed in collected form.
Norma – To save the selection of language.
AddThis – To make it easier for the visitor to share links on norma-ammunition.com.
Cookie consent - To save information that the visitor has accessed our cookie information. Our cookies are hosted on Swedish servers.


This is a live document and it will be updated according to applicable laws and regulations, as well as our own practices and data processing.