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Beginning of this year, we had Norwegian gunsmithing students visiting. There aren't that many educations within this field, so we took the chance to ask them a few questions, to share with you.

1. For how long has your school/education been around? The civilian gunsmithing education started in 1997. Before then, the military had educations for both military and civilian gunsmiths. 

Photo: Norma's files

2. How many students are there at your school? We have two classes, with 6-8 students in each class. After the first year, some of them get internships, so then we normally "lose" 2-4 students from the first to the second year.
3. How long is the education? It's called 2+2, which means the students choose a Mechanical Basic Year or Design and Craft. When they get into the Gunsmithing Class, they normally go a year, before their 2 year internship. As there are only a few internships in this business, a student ending up without, can get an offer to extend his/her education with one year at the school, before doing their graduation test.  

Photo: Norma's files

4. What different subjects do you focus on - is it interior and exterior ballistics, wooden techniques, different materials, rifles twists, barrel designs, caliber history, etc? All of what you mention, and much more - for instance heat processing, forging, machine operating, surface treatments, etc. 
5. Do you usually get a job in a shop or do you start your own business after this education? Both, or a combination of the two. There's not a job for everyone in this industry, so some get a mechanical job, or in the oil industry, for instance. 
6. Do students apply from all over Norway? Yes, they do, and they normally need 5 as an average (1-6).  
7. Are there more gunsmithing schools in Norway? We are the only one.

Photo: Norma's files

8. Is there an equivalent school in any of the other Nordic countries? Ikaalinen in Finland have a gunsmithing school. It is similar to ours. http://ikata.lpkky.fi/dynamic/1/view_attachment/esite_eng.pdf?id=11
9. Is there an internship built into the education? Those who can arrange with one, have 2-3 weeks a year.
10. Is it mostly students interested in hunting- and shooting who attend this school? Yes, there are some without this interest who start, but usually they do not graduate.
11. Can you build your own rifle during this education? Yes, there are some in-depth classes, where you can choose to build one.

Read more about this education at:    http://www.gauldal.vgs.no/Fagtilbud/Borsemaker/