The Royal Gift


For the 70th birthday celebration of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf, Norma Precision has prepared a very special gift.

Norma Precision is a purveyor of the Royal Swedish Court, since many years and therefor applied to the Royal Castle for permission to participate in the celebration of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf.

On April 28, at 10.54, the gift was handed over to His Majesty. Norma was represented by CEO Paul-Erik Toivo, accompanied by Ann Jansson from the Loading department and Camilla Berntsson from the Case department.

The gift is a cartridge box, handcrafted for the occasion in Norma’s province, Värmland. The wooden box is crafted in birch by Marita Andersson and the locks are made by Mats Jonsson, using the freehand wrought technique – both are active in the area of Arvika.

Last but not least, the cartridges of caliber 30-06, have been loaded with the latest from the Norma bullet range, out of the factory in Åmotfors. The brass cases have a special finish, and are laser engraved with ”H.M. Konung Carl XVI Gustaf”.


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Norma's CEO Paul-Erik Toivo with the custom made royal gift.