Hunting Rifle Shooting World Championship

Inspiring pictures from Namibia.


“A very enjoyable competition, difficult and challenging.”

//Michael Roos

The Swedish team, Hunting Rifle Shooting World Championships in Namibia, 2016. 





“A Senior Gold Medal, individual class, was my result with the factory loaded Diamond Line Fält (Field) in my 6,5x55 rifle. On top of that, two blue wildebeests and a black wildebeest with a total of three Norma Oryx. I also achieved an individual silver medal, and a bronze in a team of six in the discipline for .222/.223 caliber. For this discipline, no medals were handed out and the number of rounds was decreased to 30, instead of the announced 60, because the Australians could not bring enough ammunition.

//Carl Gunnar Gustavsson


 Carl Gunnar Gustavsson (to the left) och Svante Jonsson (to the right). 

Total score: 

1. Van den heever 2468.7p
34. Conny Eva Eliasson 1751.9p
39. Carl Gustavsson 1726.0p
44. Rikard Alm 1700.6p
49. Bengt Wallin 1662.2p
52. Håkan Spuhr 1651.7p
58. Michael Roos 1576.7p
59. Tomas Österberg 1566.3p
70. Svante Jonsson 1412.2p
119. Tommy Brunzell 630.3p

1. Carl gustavsson
2. Svante jonsson
4. Tommy brunzell

Senior +50.
4. Conny eliasson
7. Bengt vallin
8. Tomas österberg

31. Rikard alm
43. Håkan spuhr
49. Michael roos



1. Sydafrika

2. Namibia

3. Tjeckien

6. Sverige