Hunters Combination, Slovenia 2016

Greetings from the Swedish team during the European Combined Game Shooting Championship, 2016. 


This years championship took place right outside of Maribor in Slovenia. An incredibly beautiful country with ski slopes right outside of our hotel. 

The shooting took place in the Gaj shooting center wich has previously held large championship events in both rifle and pistol. When we arrived on Tuesday the 28’th of June and until Sunday morning the temperatures was between 28-34 degrees celsius almost all the time. The hotel was not the most exclusive kind and without airconditioning at night we had both doors and windows wide open at night.

There was training possibillities from Tuesday until the opening ceremony on Thursday evening. It’s a wonderful feeling to represent Sweden and the Swedish hunters association in these events. This year we where 170 shooters from 16 countries that qualified for the event wich is the highest number ever. 


Magnus Rönning is shooting at a roebuck. In this part of the competition you are using a fixed post as support and the target is at a distance of 100 meters.

The rifle shooting consists of two parts, in the first part you shoot four fixed targets at a 100 meters, roebuck, fox, gems and wildboar. In the second part you shoot three fixed figures, roebuck, fox and gems at 50 meters plus a running target wildboar also at 50 meters. Five shots are fired on each target and a maximum of 50 points per target is possible.

All parts of the competition are made to simulate realistic hunting situations and can give you a total of 400 points

In the shotgun part we shoot two rounds of European trap, the European trap differs from Nordic/Hunters trap in that it’s shot with variable target height and 60 meters throwing distance. Two rounds per clay is allowed.


We also shoot two rounds of Sporting with two different course layouts. Each clay is worth four points and the possible total of this event is 800 points.

<< Hanna Ståhl is preparing for the fast runs wild boar running target event.You have no test shots and can’t even lift your gun during the two test runs and then you shoot 5 shots at the elongated target area. 


After three days of shooting Linus Mellgren from Frösön won a gold medal in the junior class , he shoot excelent all three days and got a total of 754/800 points wich also gave him a 25’th place in open class.

In the ladies event the victory went to Estonian Aili Popp with Liina Laine in second place and third to Michaela Stengalova from the Czech republic. Hanna Ståhl from Sweden got fourth place missing the bronze medal with only two points.

The margin between 1’st and 4’th place was only 17 points so it’s a tight fight at the top.




The fight for the bronze medal in open class ended in a shhotoff between Emil Håkansson, the raining champion Andras Varga from Hungary and Tomas Stanek from the Czech republic. All three had shot 777/800. The shootoff started with 5 shots standing at the wild boar in wich Emil and Andres both got 47/50 while Tomas got 37/50. They then continued with a sporting round where both Emil and Andras shot  25/25 making Tomas end up in 5’th place. The jury then decided that the shooters could only fire one round per clay and it still took 18 clays before Andras misses his first one. The two guys shot a total of 68 clays in the shootoff before Emil Håkansson won and got a bronze medal in open class.

Those of us who where there to experience the shootoff will remember it for the rest of our lifes.. Fantastic shooting from both of them but a fraction better from Emil, totally incredible!! 

The open class victory was taken by Kalle Määkinen from Finland with 786/800 points. He only missed two clays in shotgun and six points in the rifle events!! Martin Slechta from the Czech republic came in second place with 778/800 and Emil Håkansson from Stockholm came in third place after a shootoff with a total off 777 points wich also is a new Swedish record. Congratulations Emil!! 


Everyone shoots individually but every nation can also enter a team and this year the team members where Linus Mellgren, Emil Håkansson, Pierre Håkansson, Karl-Johan Brindbergs, Ulf Edén Kravik och Bernard Raimondo. We had a good feling in the team and everything fell in place. Personally I did not want to focus on my results and i focused on all the surrounding stuff instead. We finished off with sporting in the last round and did a very good 23 clays average between us and was happy that it was all done.


After a nervewrecking price ceremony the Swedish team ended up as Gold medalists in the total event before Austria and Finland who took Silver and Bronze. We eneded up with a Silver medal in the shotgun events and a bronze in rifle. It was a fantastic feeling to stand att the top of the podium in a championship, really cool!!

The Swedish team competing for the EC in european hunting combination

From the left rear, Linus Mellgren, Emil Håkansson, Pierre Håkansson, Karl-Johan Brindbergs, Ulf Edén Kravik, Bernard Raimondo, Roger Pettersson, Christian Bergdahl. From the left front, Marcus Andersson, David Sandelin, Anders Benjaminsson, Benny Adolfsson, Svante Jonsson, Michael Roos, Magnus Rönning and Hanna Ståhl.

Apart from all of our acive shooters we also had a large number of family members and supporters with us who where increadibly valuable for the team. Some of our shooters competed in a large championship for the first time and made excelent results and a few of the more experienced shooters shot new personal records so things are looking good for the future. Next year the EC will be held in Sarlóspuszta Hungary and we hope that our team is psyched up for the event!!

If you are interested in trying this shooting discipline out please find the Swedish hunters associations webpage for more info regarding tryouts, competitions and rules.

We would like to thank The Swedish hunters association who support us in our team effort and also a big thanks to our sponsors Gyttorp, Norma, Härkila, Hylte Lantmän and Zeiss.

//Karl-Johan Brindbergs


Photo: Saila Larsson