A Saturday morning in January

It was a Saturday morning in the Dhuys forest in France. I was standing on a quite small steep trail on which I saw like a “wild boar motorway” at only some meters from my stand.

Some minutes after the beginning of the drive, I heard the sound of broken wood. I stood up. Nothing happened. Then, on the way I saw before, this wild boar was walking slowly, straight to my direction. I didn’t move an eye but when it came 10 meters close, I started to aim, slowly. But, soon I started moving a finger, the animal saw me and ran back. But I shot him a 10.1g/156gr 270 Winchester Norma Vulkan when he was ¾ back. The bullet placement was not very good but lethal enough and the animal just ran 25 meters.

Thanks Norma and Norma's staff!

Best regards,
Thibaud Daguenet