Plains Game with Norma Oryx

Greetings from Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.

I am happy to attach few plain games I shot recently with Norma Oryx 300 grain bullet, with my 375 H&H Magnum rifle (all of them).

Young wildebeest

Female eland

Zebra stallion

It was my first experience with Norma ammunition, as I have used Winchester, Federal premium and PMP as well.

I am not ballistic expert but KO power and accuracy of the Norma Oryx 300 grain at 100 yards is fantastic.

I am confident that my next shot on Cape buffalo (next month) with your subject cartridge hitting in the boiler room will do the job. I will use Federal Premium Cape Shock 300 grain solid as back-up/second shot.


Salahuddin Ahmad, Tanzania