Normas biathlon range


After no less than TWELVE medals last weekend JSM (Swedish Junior Championship) (and three medals JVM - World Junior Champsionship), we want to say thank you from Sollefteå Ski Gymnasium, for letting us come down and test our rifles with you. After our visit both the coaches and our students knew that the students had good rifles to compete with! Perhaps it was that which made students more relaxed and that they could perform at their best at JSM and JVM?

We are already planning to offer our students the same service with the cold test in the fall, and if we may, we would like to do that in your fascilities. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff have made sure that we felt very welcome and satisfied with the trip down to you.

I hope you can forward our warmest thanks to the employees at cold test range! With you, our business has become even better in what we can offer our students - continued top class service!

Erik Gradin
Solleftea Biathlon High School




Norma has over the years, developed 300 m cartridges of world class. The same is valid also for the hunting ammunition. In the beginning of the 90ies, contacts were established with the Swedish Biathlon Team. The new Norma cold room now provides shooters, clubs, and national teams, at short distance, to try out both their rifles and ammunition, in temperatures below freezing point.

Since the beginning of this milennium, the Norwegian Biathlon Team, have tested their rifles, ammunition and equipment at Norma. Together with them, Norma has developed and constructed one of the most modern test ranges in Europe. You can adjust the temperatures digitally, from 0° C to -25° C. There are two choices of benches - one for the complete rifle and one for the barrel and chamber.



All biathlon shooters, associations, and national teams are welcome to use the Norma Test Range. Let us be part of your success in the years to come. For further information, feel free to contact Anders Brolund, responsible for match products.

For references, you are welcome to contact Jonas Edman, Shooting Coach of the Swedish Biathlon Team.


Norma is situated in Åmotfors, Värmland, 130 km from Gardermoen, Norways largest airport, and 100 km from Karlstad, the main town of the province. 100 km north east of Norma is the ski tunnel of Torsby.

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