After the shot - tips from Elg & co

For several years, we have accommodated our Norma guests at The White Moose Inn. Their excellent cooking is based on locally produced ingredients, which goes hand in hand with what many hunters appreciate. We let her introduce an extract from her latest cook book and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

It's always a pleasure to welcome Norma’s guest to our inn The White Moose Inn. Often they are guests with a preference for game on the menu - always with appreciation of a meal, prepared with love. As a chef and cookbook writer, nothing is more inspiring! I hope you will like this extract from my cookbook  “Elg & Co“ (Schibstedt Forlag) (translation: “Elk and company" which indicates the use of various game). The receipt Filet of Elk with blueberry butter sauce" is one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy your meal and hope to see you soon! 

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