African Corner


Peace, prefect peace …and deep satisfaction – that is the most alluring thing about hunting Africa- the wide open spaces, the magnificent night skies, the absence of the ‘hemmed in’ feeling that quietly troubles so many who set off on Safari seeking the call of the wild.

An African safari is good food for the soul but so much goes into making it what one hopes for. The planning and choosing of both a destination and outfitter, breaking in good boots, checking ones rifle and doing a little training for the hunt…it is all effort and a fair amount of money.

One of the key components to success is also one of the smallest…your ammunition. When you have put so much time, effort and money into a venture and have such hopes and expectations only a fool would risk failure and disappointment that invariably comes from using inferior ammunition. Norma’s Oryx and Kalahari ammunition are tried and tested premium grades of ammunition to help ensure that reality matches expectation.

Both Norma’s Kalahari and Oryx consistently give the best accuracy of any hunting ammunition on the market offering the marksman top precision and reliability yet delivering the terminal performance to bring home the trophy- deep penetration coupled with good expansion.

The Oryx is a bonded core bullet who’s design ensures high bullet weight retention coupled with deep penetration. The new Kalahari offers some of the flattest shooting bullets over 300m in all of the cartridges in which they are loaded. The bullets are designed to expand to nearly double their original diameter before loose their petals ensuring maximum lethality for broadside shots yet giving the deep penetration necessary when the situation calls for a poor angle shot.

So weather your dream safari is planned for the bushvelt or the desert, Norma offers the the perfect ammunition to help ensure you fulfil your dreams.