Norma leaders

1902-1942 Ivar Enger (Director Oslo Factory, Norway)
1904-1942 Gustaf Hoff (Director Norma Precision, Åmotfors)
1942-1957 Amund Enger (CEO Oslo Factory, Norway)
1943-1957 Andreas Torp (CEO, Norma Precision, Norway)
1957-1962 Amund Enger (moves to Sweden and continues as sole CEO)
1962-1967 Amund Enger Junior
1967-1977 Bror Garonius
1978-1985 Jörgen Svensson
1985-1991 Thage Södergren
1991-1995 Lars Lavén
1995-2013 Torbjörn Lindskog
2013-20xx Paul-Erik Toivo

Press Release, March 13 2013

Paul-Erik Toivo new CEO for Norma Precision

Paul-Erik Toivo has long international and industrial experience. He has held senior positions within Cloetta, and the SAKO- Metso- and latest the Isku concerns. "We will intensify the efforts to grow in the world, and especially in the US. The cooperation with our sister company within RUAG Ammotec will also be strengthened, sais Paul-Erik from Nuremburg, where Norma Precision's Board Meeting has been held, in connection to the largest European hunting and outdoors show, IWA Outdoor Classics, and where the company has been represented every year since the show started in 1973.

Torb Lindskog has successfully lead Norma Precision during 17 years, as he now retires. "I am very grateful for these fantastic years at Norma, together with wonderful colleagues and I now look forward to a somewhat less hectic routine, even though I will be part of the Norma board, and keep my Presidency of AFEMS until 2015. I wish both Norma and Paul-Erik all the best for the future."

Norma Precision AB, which is part of the Swiss RUAG concern, today has a turnover of 270 MSEK and around 190 employees for its production of hunting- and shooting ammunition. All production, from raw material to finished product, takes place in Åmotfors of Värmland, Sweden.

AFEMS stands for "Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition" - a non-profit organization to preserve and promote activities related to shooting.