The Norwegian shooting event starts

Friday is the official opening day of this year's Landsskytterstevnet. The shooting events are held in Lesja, and more than 5.000 shooters have signed up - youngsters in the Rekrutt class, as well as veterans in V73. All competing in both Range and Field disciplines, to crown a Norwegian master for each one. 

The winner of the Range discipline becomes the Shooting King, the most prestigeous title in Norwegian sports shooting. For the shooters in the 3-4-5 classes, this is the program of the Range shooting:

-        Three minutes for test shots

-        Five shots prone, in one and a half minute

-        Five shots standing, in three minutes 

-        Five shots knealing in two minutes 

-        Three minutes for test shots again, preparation for the "ten-shots" – which means three shots standing, three knealing and four prone, during three minutes - all on a one-meter target at 200 meter. Class 1 shoots all prone, klass 2 knealing and prone. Rekrutt (young), Older Rekrutt, Junior, V65 and V73 shoot at a 60 cm target at 100 meter. 

The Landsskytterstevnet is an event, combining both shooting and social interaction, where all age groups meet and participate with enthusiasm. Every shooter fires around 150 shots, which sums up to approximately 750.000 rounds in a week. Landsskytterstevnet is probably the place, where the most Norma Diamond Line 6,5x55 are fired during one week!