10 years anniversary Norma’s Hall of Fame.

Norma's Hall of Fame celebrates 10 years and congratulates the latest induction Mr Ron Petty. 


Our industry has largely been built on the achievements of persons with unique skills, who have dedicated their time and efforts to develop ammunition and components for the benefit of quality conscious hunters and shooters worldwide.

At Norma we owe our global success to many of these truly outstanding persons. The Norma brand is the magnet that brings together knowledgeable bullet designers, creative ballisticians, Olympic shooters, avid hunters and devoted advocates for our way of life to further develop the maybe most prestigious brand in global premium hunting and shooting – Norma.

A selection of these outstanding persons, in many cases I would call them also personalities, have been awarded the maybe most prestigious position any a person related to both our industry and Norma can achieve; that is a place in the Norma Hall of Fame.

The 45 persons already awarded a place are among the best known in our industry and have contributed tremendously to the success of Norma. The latest submissions to our Hall of Fame include among others Torbjörn Lindskog, Ron Petty and Don Heath.

We are thankful for the dedication to our cause shown by all the Hall of Famers!

//Paul-Erik Toivo, CEO



Congratulations Ron Petty and thank you for all your hard work!

Ron Petty is currently working for Norma Precision as a consultant and frankly performes miracles on the USA market with his expertise in the business. 



Ron Petty next to his picture in Norma's Hall of Fame. 



 Ron Petty and Norma's CEO Paul-Erik Toivo.