Norma Oryx

Bonding involves soldering together the bullet jacket and core to produce a uniform structure preventing separation or fragmentation on impact, even after striking dense bone.

Perfect Mushrooming

To ensure perfect mushrooming at all impact velocities, the Oryx has a thin forward jacket with internal splitting zones. The bonding and the thicker rear jacket wall ensure a high residual weight after impact (often over 90%!) and excellent penetration.

With rapid expansion to a large diameter, and without fragmentation, Oryx leaves a large wound channel yet destroys little meat. In addition, the high residual weight of the bullet ensures deep penetration and high energy transfer.

The illustration below shows a .30-06 Oryx bullet recovered from a bull moose with a live weight of 350 kg. The bullet has struck ribs and the lungs but still retains 96% of its original weight. At the tip the splitting zones and the non-bonded section of the tip are detectable. There is superior adhesion between the jacket and the core. A ground-down bullet can easily be twisted 90° without the jacket separating from the core.


The Oryx holds together even through a solid hit on heavy bone, and leaves few fragments in surrounding tissue. This also prevents the bullet from deviating from its course inside the body cavity.



Soft Point

A conventional softpoint bullet often fragments when bone is hit. In the worst case, there is total fragmentation, or the core can separate entirely from the jacket.


Oryx is available in the following calibres and bullet weights:

222 Rem. 3,6 g 7x64 11,0 g 8x57 JRS 12,7 g 
223 Rem. 3,6 g 7x65 R 10,1 g 8x57 JS 12,7 g
22-250 Rem. 3,6 g 7x65 R 11,0 g 338 Win. M. 14,9 g
220 Swift 3,6 g 7 mm Rem. M. 10,1 g 338 Blaser M. 14,9 g
6 mm BR 6,5 g 7 mm Rem. M. 11,0 g 35 Whelen 16,2 g
6XC 6,5 g 7,5x55 Swiss 11,7 g 358 Norma M. 16,2 g
243 Win. 6,5 g 308 Win. 11,7 g 9,3x57 15,0 g
6,5x55 10,1 g 30-06 11,7 g 9,3x62 15,0 g
270 Win. 9,7 g 30-06 13,0 g 9,3x62 18,5 g
270 Win. 10,7 g 300 WSM 11,7 g 9,3x62 21,1 g
270 WSM 9,7 g 308 Norma M. 11,7 g 9,3x74 R 18,5 g
7x57 R 10,1 g 300 Win. M. 11,7 g 375 H&H M. 19,4 g
7x57 10,1 g 300 Win. M. 13,0 g  375 Blaser M. 19,4 g
7x64 10,1 g 300 Blaser M. 13,0 g  












Next Oryx Generation -
new weight and shape

Norma is in the process of updating the original Oryx design. Norma's goal is to keep it function, so that satisfied customers will receive the same reliable results, but at the same time giving the bullet better performance at longer distances. The boat tail and a better profile provides a 30-percent increase or more in BC (= Ballistic Coefficient).

The first bullet with improved performance, is the Oryx in caliber .30, in 11.7 gram / 180 grain. The bullet is available in 308 Win, 30-06, 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag, and sold as a component.

Another new bullet weight is 10.7 g / 165 grain, developed in the new design. It is available in the same calibers as the 11.7 gram bullet and in the 7,5x55.

If you happen to be fluent in Norwegian, you can read more about the new design in the hunting magazine Jakt (we publish the article with the editor's and writer's permission), where outdoor writer Jorund Lien has evaluated the new Oryx.