Norma African PH

The concept behind Norma’s AFRICAN PH range is different. Based on many generations of experience of reputable African Professional Hunters, this range of cartridges has been developed with the aim to optimize ballistic criteria such as Bullet Momentum, Sectional Density and Deep, Straight-line, Bone-breaking Penetration. These factors in turn, are responsible for KO or Knock Out Value, probably the most important ballistic criterion of all, for stopping a determined charge from one of Africa’s Big Five.

Norma has teamed up with Woodleigh bullets to offer the finest dangerous game ammunition available. Tried and tested steel-jacketed solids and bonded-core softpoints are coupled with high quality Norma brass and powder and loaded under the most rigorous inspection standards in the industry.

Nickelled cases are used to ensure the most reliable feeding and ejection from rifles whose metalwork is too hot to touch or is full of the inevitable African dust. The Woodleigh FMJ bullets use a steel jacket twice as thick as any other in the industry. Cases are all hand inspected both before and after loading.

We carefully select powder and primer in order to make variations in point of impact from batch to batch as small as possible. It is our goal that you can pick up a box anywhere in the world and have the same point of impact as with the box you used at home.

A caliber with a heavy bullet gives a high sectional density (SD), momentum and Knock-Out-Value (KO), characteristics which professional hunters look for in their ammunition. It can be decisive in all big game hunting. This experience by professional hunters is the basis for African PH – inspired by Kevin Robertson – produced by Norma.

Wayne van Zwoll
with a decent water buffalo on a recent hunt to test the new generation Woodleigh SP bullets that Norma loads in the PH line of premium dangerous game rounds. A .500NE is a classic buffalo round and todays bullets make it even better.