About Shooting

If you enter "shooting sport" in a Wikipedia search, you can read that the sport is one of the largest sports, in regards to its number of practitioners, 50 million. 150 countries are represented in the International Shooting Sport Federation, ISSF.

Since the beginning of the ’90s Norma has developed match products together with some of the world’s leading shooters. Johan Gustavsson and Michael Larsson are two of those who in cooperation with Norma have tested and introduced world class match cartridges.

The international Norma team  eld tested the products for several years before they were launched on the market.

The latest Match cartridge to be introduced is the 6XC. This cartridge has already scored the maximum 600 points three times and won gold, silver and bronze medals at European Championships – every time with factory loaded ammunition. The crowning glory is the Swedish team victory at the European Championships in Granada, Spain.